Your Third Party Administrator


When FBG administers your plan, FBG becomes your Third Party Administrator (TPA). In that role, we provide the following services, as necessary:

  • Prepare annual account allocation by source (Employee Deferral, Employer Matching and Employer Discretionary Contributions, as applicable).
  • Prepare annual pension benefit calculation.
  • Prepare annual reports for submission to the Department of Labor (Form 5500 and related schedules).
  • Prepare government required Summary Annual Report (SAR) for distribution to all participants.
  • Calculate employer�s 401(k) discretionary and/or matching contribution to the Plan, as applicable.
  • Calculate employer�s pension cost/contribution.
  • Prepare Annual Employee Benefit Statements.
  • Prepare participant distribution directives for each terminated participant, including vested benefit calculations.
  • Calculate eligibility under IRC �401(a)(1).
  • Perform Actual Deferral Percentage Test under IRC �401(k).
  • Perform Actual Contribution Percentage Test under IRC �401(m).
  • Calculate Deduction Limit under IRC �404.
  • Calculate Ratio Percentage Test under IRC �410(b).
  • Calculate Annual Addition and Benefit Limits under IRC �415.
  • Prove non-discrimination under IRC �401(a)(4).
  • Calculate Minimum Participation Requirements under IRC �401(a)(26).

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