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How We Work:


First, we listen. FBG knows that most clients are sophisticated business owners and managers who have good ideas about what they are looking for in the benefits arena. Others need more initial guidance. Regardless, as our first step, we listen to our clients and their advisors about their ideas, financial concerns, prior experience and all other relevant business history. Only after FBG gets to know each potential client and their advisors, can plan design begin.

If appropriate, FBG specialists design and suggest a retirement plan that best achieves the individual client’s goals. As professionals who are always up-to-date on relevant pension law, the Internal Revenue Code and its Regulations, and the most innovative ways to design plans which comply with necessary limitations, the FBG team explores all possible paths to the client’s ultimate goal, whether that is maximizing Owner contribution, minimizing non-owner cost, satisfying union entitlements or providing an incentive to other key employees. Then, FBG specialists explain to their clients what they’ve learned in plain English. This is something that is hard to do, hard to come by, and should not be undervalued.

Full-service employee benefits firms all design and administer the full complement of employee benefit plans available on the market today. However, no other firm utilizes the creative approach taken by FBG to ensure that the program chosen best satisfies each client’s goals. FBG Specialists constantly monitor relevant laws and regulations to guarantee they combine smart thinking with adherence to the rules, in order to design the best qualified plan possible.

FBG designs, installs and administers all of the pension options available today, including defined benefit, (both traditional and cash-balance), 401(k) (both traditional and Roth), profit sharing (both traditional and cross tested), and tiered defined benefit/defined contribution combinations.

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