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Freedman Benefits Group (FBG) has adopted a philosophy of functioning as a unit of our client�s own �Benefits Department.� Our staff will work closely with, and respond quickly to you. We will be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations, and will be the buffer with respect to governmental communications and agencies. Our reputation is built on the accuracy and the quality of our work, and therefore we maintain a highly trained professional staff.

We recognize that to render high quality service, we must be innovative in our approach and bring creative ideas and solutions to our clients on a timely and cost effective basis. Our philosophy is not to simply react, but rather to help anticipate problems and capitalize on opportunities. We will expose you to the latest design techniques, while making sure that the benefits justify the costs.

By drawing on our firm�s extensive experience in working with hundreds of retirement plans and employee benefit programs, we believe we can provide the highest level of quality service.

All of this means that you will be served by the very best team of professionals�a team that possesses innovative ideas and is organized and committed to client service.

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